Basic rules for the exchange and return of goods.

We always meet our customers. In our company, the exchange or return of goods of good quality within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase, is possible subject to the following conditions:
- you have an extract from the bank, an expense invoice for the purchase of goods;
- preserved factory seals, protective films on the product;
- the presentation of the product and its components is preserved: there are no mechanical damages, scratches, abrasions, and for goods in a disposable (blister) package - if the package has not been opened;
- the product has no traces of operation;
- in the presence of the original, holistic packaging of the goods and its components;
- the complete set of goods provided by the manufacturer has been preserved: accessories, consumables, accompanying documentation, warranty card, software and more.

If you are in another city, then the goods are shipped at the expense of the customer to the supplier’s warehouse.