Часто задаваемые вопросы
  • 🌐 Где мы находимся ❓

    Вы можете найти нас в рабочие дни с Пн-Пт: 9:00–19:00 по адресу: г.Киев, ул. Ярославов Вал, 13

  • 🔃 Могу ли я обменять или вернуть товар ❓

    Мы всегда идём навстречу нашим клиентам. В нашей компании обмен или возврат товара надлежащего качества в течение 14 дней, не считая дня покупки.

  • 🥇 Почему именно мы ❓

    Наши принципы работы:
    Мы поставляем только надежную электротехническую продукцию, чтобы мы и наши клиенты "спали спокойно";
    Мы отвественно подходим к каждому заказу;
    Мы оперативно решаем поставленные перед нами задачи.

  • 💵 Как я могу оплатить товар ❓

    Вы можете оплатить следующими способами:
    - Безналичный расчёт с НДС
    - Наличный расчёт
    - Наложенный платеж

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Electro Contact - online store of electrical equipment and tools.

Our motto is success in innovation! Therefore, our brands are companies with reliable and high-quality products, which from year to year please us with new technologies and new products.

We started our professional career in 2011 as a company supplying its customers with high-quality and reliable electrical products from terminals, marking, relays, power supplies to controllers and wireless communication. To be closer to customers and more quickly solve their problems, in 2017 we created our online store.

Knowledge of technologies in many branches of production and building automation not only allows us to select equipment professionally and quickly, but also to implement turnkey projects. For example, if you need to create a control system for ventilation, heating or water supply, then the choice is ours. Application of advanced technological solutions mean that all systems have such advantages as reduced operating costs, installation and commissioning costs of control systems, increased reliability, simplicity and ease of use.

We are the official partners of all our brands. For all products we provide an official guarantee and service. All products have many different quality certificates and have been tested according to high European standards.

For regular customers, we present special delivery conditions.

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