About the processing and storage of personal danikhs at the bases of personal danikhs, as a volunteer є sales.


    Zagalnі understand this sphere zasosuvannya
    Perelik personal danikh bases
    Meta processing personal danikh
    The procedure for processing personal Dani: otgmannya zgodi, povodomlennya about the rights of that dії with personal danimi sub’єkta personal danikh
    Mississausal Basis Personal Danich
    Marry Rokkritty Informatsii about personal data to third persons
    Zahist personal danih: Fashion Zahist, vіdpovіdalna lady pratsіvniki, SSMSC bezposeredno zdіysnyuyut obrobku that / abo toil access to personal danih in zv'yazku of vikonannyam svoїh sluzhbovih obov'yazkіv, personal lines zberіgannya danih
    Rights of the sub’єkta personal danikh
    The order of the robot is powered by the subdivision of the personal Dani
    State Registration Base Personal Danich

1. Zagalnі understand this sphere zasosuvannya

1.1. Viznachennya term:

the base of personal danikh is the name of the collection of personal danikhs in electronic form / abo in the form of personal danikh card files;

individual person is assigned to person, to an organization, to a robot, to create personal data in their work, to the law;

Volodіlets base personal danih - fizichna abo juridical person, under the law of the law of the deadpeat of the personal danikh nadan the right to workout cich danich, yak zatverdzhuє meta workout of personal danikh at the base of the danich, I need it, I need it, I need it, I’m done the workforce of personal danich at the base of the danich, I need it, I need it, I need it, and designated by law;

The State Register of Personal Danish Bases — One Power State Information System for the Collection, Accumulation and Processing of Vinomosti About the Established Basis of Personal Danich;

zagalnoavodnіn dzherela personal danikh - Dovіdniki, address books, registry, lists, catalogs, іnshі systematized zbіrniki vіdkrito ї informatsіі, dakti іstiat personalnaya danі, rosmіschenі published on the subject of the subject of the unmarried envelope, maternity information, personalized information, personalized information, personalized information Not subject to personal information, personalized social services, personal information services, personalized personal information, personalized personal information, personal information, personal information, personal information

zgoda sub’єkta personal danikh - be-yake documents, volunteer volition of the individual individual to permit the processing of personal danich vіdpovіdno to formuli meti іх processing;

on the basis of personal danikh - viluchennya v_domosty, they give a certain identity to a person;

processing of the daniels і broader (rozpovszyudzhennyam, realizatsiyu, transfer), to separate, zishchennyam v_domosti about the fizychnu person;

personal data - in-house and out-of-home in terms of the individual, which is identified as possible or specifically identified;

The organizer of the base of personal danikh is a physical entity and a legal person, as a volunteer base of personal danikh abo the law imposed the right to scribe this Dani. Do not баз base the personal danikh of a person who is a volunteer and / or п base of the personal danikh is received by the user of the technical basis of the personal danikh without access to the personal danich;

sub’єkt personal danih - fizichna persona, hundred years old, it is up to the law to understand the treatment of ia personal danikh;

third person - be a yak person, for the caveman, personal danich, volodyl aka, and a daniel

special categories of Danish - personal data on racial abo ethnical, political, religious, abo

1.2. Dana Poloviennya obov’yazkove for zastosuvannya v_dpovіdalnuyu special that sp_vrobіtnikami salesman, yakі direct access to the personal tribute to the site tied together with viscous services of their own services

2. Perelik personal database danikh

2.1. Sold by the owner of such personal data bases:

    base personal Danich counterparties.

3. Meta processing personal tribute

3.1. By means of the processing of personal dyshs at a system of real estate projects, on a private law, in a private law, in a private law, in a private law, in a personal law, in a personal law, in a private law, in a personal law, in a private law, in a private law, in a personal law, in a private law, in a private law.

4. The procedure for the processing of personal Dani: otgmannya zgodi, povodomlennya about the rights of this and personal Dani sub-kta personal Dani