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Soft starter 15kW, 30A PR5200 015G3 Powtran

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SKU: PR5200 015G3

Soft starter 15kW, 30A PR5200 015G3 Powtran

The soft starter PR5200 is used to smoothly start and stop three-phase asynchronous electric motors with power up to 400 kW.

Soft start reduces the starting currents of asynchronous electric motors, provides smooth stepless acceleration of the electric motor.

The use of soft starters makes it possible to achieve the following results:
- extending the life of the electric motor by reducing hard starting loads;
- reducing the load on the electrical network during the launch of powerful electric motors;
- increase in throughput of the power supply network;
- reduction of loads on the transformer of the power substation;
- the exception of a voltage drop in the network at the time of starting powerful motors.

Supported Soft Start Modes:
- start-up with limitation of inrush current;
- start-up with a constant increase in voltage;

- start with a jerk;
- start-up with a constant increase in current;
- start-up with double regulation (current and voltage).

Supported Stop Modes:
- smooth stop;
- stop by self-running.

Protection against:
- high and low voltage;
- loss and phase imbalance;
- excess inrush current;
- short circuit;
- automatic restart;
- idle move.

Management is available from the built-in remote control and external terminals.

Printed circuit boards are coated with acrylic varnish.

Operating temperature range - -10 ... + 40 ° C

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Brand Powtran
Country China
Rated current, A 30
Power, kW 15
Rated supply voltage 380
Warranty period, months 18