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Frequency converter 132F0028 VLT Micro Drive FC 51 5.5 kW / 3ph Danfoss (Denmark)

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Frequency converter VLT Micro Drive FC51 Danfoss 132F0028
The Danfoss FC-51 frequency converter model is a small-sized model, but at the same time it has all the advantages of a well-known manufacturer: a set of necessary functions, reliability and high quality. The converter has ease of maintenance and installation, quick copying of settings via the remote control, intuitive menus and modern software. The presence of the vector mode makes it possible to control any load under different operating modes, automatic torque support works to maintain a static rotation speed. The frequency converter has communication protocols, PLCs and a PI controller that allow you to create automated systems without the use of additional devices.

Input voltage: 3AC 380-480V.
Power: 5.5kW.
Phase Shift Ratio:> 0.98.
Power frequency: 50-60Hz.
Braking (acceleration) time: 0.05-3600s.
Digital programmable inputs: 5.
Pulse programmable inputs: 1.
Relay programmable outputs: 1.
Analog inputs (programmable outputs): 2 (1)
Output Voltage: 3-f / 380 V
Maximum load value: 25, 100mA.
Humidity: 5-95%.
Rated current: 12A.
Protection Level: IP20.
Output Frequency: 0-200, 0-400Hz.
Weight: 3kg.
Interface: RS-485, FCProtocol, ModbusRTU.
Medium temperature: 0 - + 50 ° С.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 90x239x194mm.
EMC filter: built-in.
Control Mode: SVC or V / f.

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Brand Danfoss
Country Denmark
Brief description Frequency converter 132F0028 VLT Micro Drive FC 51 5.5 kW / 3ph Danfoss (Denmark)
Power, kW 5.5
Rated current, A 12.0
Rated supply voltage, V 380
Output voltage 3-f / 380 V
Overload capacity 150% of rated current
Carrier frequency 50-60Hz
Working temperature ° C -10 - +50
Degree of IP IP20
Sizes 90х239х194мм
Weight 3кг
A type векторный
Warranty period, months 12